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LESSONS: Intro to Sensors

The majority of lesson ideas below require minimal resources other than the smartphone, and are relevant to introductory physics in high school and college. However, creative individuals are using smartphone science in more complex ways, with drones, engineering kits, and much more. Follow us on Twitter @PhysicsToolbox and see our Publications page for additional content.
Introduction to Smartphones as a Teaching Tool

What are some examples physics topics that can be taught with smartphones?

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Click on the resources below to get some sample worksheets intended for practicing physics teachers to learn about some (but not all) of the capabilities for using smartphones in physics teaching in the context of a 2-hour professional development workshop setting.

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Introduction to Smartphone Sensors

What sensors are available in a smartphone, and what do they measure?

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Download Physics Toolbox Play and complete the 7 challenges to learn about the basic smartphone sensors, what they measure, some fundamental physics, and how sensors are used in STEM careers.

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