5 Ways to Teach Force and Motion

With users from all over the world, Vieyra Software gets lots of requests to make modifications to our Physics Toolbox apps. This morning, we got a request from a teacher in Colombia to provide more supports for lesson ideas and resources. One of the best resources we have found in terms of thinking about how to integrate smartphones into the laboratory have come from our colleagues: namely, from Martin Monteiro and Arturo Marti in Uruguay, and from Philippe Jeanjacquot in France. (Of course, there are others as well! Check out our Twitter list. Besides our casual collection of lessons on our website, we recently published an article with some lesson ideas. If you are a member of the Nationa

Mobile Physics Education around the Globe

In the last month, we decided to do a broad review of who is using Physics Toolbox by Vieyra Software apps from around the world. Tallying up all of the apps, we found that we have had over 150,000 downloads from nearly every nation (in blue, below) that has Google Play accessible to its citizens. We frequently find that our apps are downloaded in large numbers by workshop and course attendees learning to use mobile sensors in tandem. That's quite a success for us - we do this entirely in our free time, and are continually amazed at the things people will do with our tools. The original intent was to create apps that were friendly for high school physics students, and what we found was that

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