Comparing Google ARCore and Apple ARKit

Choosing which platform to use to pursue exploratory work in augmented reality (AR) visualization techniques is critical. As many mobile developers only specialize on one platform, few cross-platform analyses exist for the relatively recent technological advancements like AR. In the following paragraphs, we present some of our own experiences with the investigation of these AR tools as part of a recently-awarded grant from the National Science Foundation to the American Modeling Teachers Association and to Vieyra Software. We present a primer on ARKit and ARCore compatibilities with Apple and Android products. In future entries we’ll take a closer look at some of our own development on each

Back to School with Sensor Apps: The Big Picture

At the start of the school year we typically see an uptick in downloads of Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite, nearly doubling our monthly downloads compared to the summer months. This has always suggested to use that a large percentage of our users are students and educators, which was our original intent as educators ourselves. (Indeed, self-reports on our surveys suggest that nearly 50% of our users are educators or students). While we advocate for appropriate technology for the appropriate pedagogical purpose-- and that doesn't always include mobile devices--the fact that 40% of our users use Physics Toolbox for their professional, non-academic work, is something that shouldn't go unnoticed by

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