30 Experiments with Activities and Sensors

Physics teachers tend to have physics on the brain - in some cases, even more so during winter break when there is time to think creatively. This winter, take some time to consider how mobile devices might supplement or enhance some of your traditional laboratory experiences, or maybe even allow you and your students to try some new things. Having been a high school physics teacher myself, I tend to find that "one sentence labs" are the way to go once my students have a handle on experimental skills. The following are 30 prompts and questions that can be answered or at least investigated through experimentation using a mobile device. For more directed labs, I like to prompt my students to gr

Organic Growth of Sensor Apps

One of the things in which we take great pride at Vieyra Software is not what WE do, but what YOU - our users - do. Our ability to expand (and the satisfaction we feel from our work) comes from other people running off and doing great things organically. Thanks for sharing Physics Toolbox apps with your colleagues and students! Here are a few resources that have really kick-started the use of Physics Toolbox apps (and mobile sensor apps generally). Both of the resources below are excellent resources for introductory teachers across the physical sciences. AAPT's The Physics Teacher Magazine "iPhysics" Column For about the past three years, the American Association of Physics Teachers has host

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