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Physics Toolbox at SXSWEdu

As the number of users of Physics Toolbox apps pass the 333,333 mark (nearly one-third of a million!), we work to bridge the gap between authentic STEM education efforts and technological innovators. South by Southwest (SXSW) festivals in Austin, TX have become internationally-renowned as one venue for bringing together innovation of all types. Having initially started with music and film, the festival and conference has been extended to include educational and technological innovations.

We have applied to present a Hands-On Playground format presentation at SXSWEdu 2017 with the hopes of showing a wider group of people the potential for using smartphone sensors. If you would like to support our application for selection into the final program, our video application is currently available for voting. Selection of presenters is, in part, crowd-sourced, based upon the number of votes received from the public. To vote to include us, please go the video application above, and register as a voter for the SXSWEdu Panel Picker and click on the "thumbs up." Thanks!

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